Young Audience Program (YAP)

FIAF’s Young Audience Program (YAP) is an education outreach initiative that offers school students the unique opportunity to attend performances, film screenings, and workshops, and engage with artists and ideas from around the French-speaking world and beyond. The program is open to French as well as non-French speakers from K to 12th grade. Events are free for public & charter schools and affordable for others. Post-show discussions with the artists help students gain a stronger comprehension of the arts. Committed to creating impactful and long-lasting experiences for students, FIAF provides educators with study guides which include detailed content about the event and suggestions for pre-/post-event activities.

Upcoming Events

Young Audience Program

Climate “Fresk” Workshop

Scheduled Upon Request

In this workshop, students learn about the scientific processes, both natural and human, at work behind climate change, and discuss solutions that can mitigate it.