Visual Arts
Times Square Arts
Midnight Moment
I was crying out at life

January 1–31, 2019
Ages 10+
Times Square

This January, Times Square Arts will present artist Vergine Keaton’s I was crying out at life (2009) as its nightly Midnight Moment. The world’s largest, longest-running digital art exhibition, Midnight Moment showcases a work each month on synchronized electronic billboards throughout Times Square nightly from 11:57 to midnight.

I was crying out at life inverts classical hunting and landscape scenes from 19th-century engravings to tell a tale of stags chasing hounds. Then, curiously, the ground shifts and rises, and the animals race together in unison, no longer at odds with one another and vulnerable to a larger phenomenon.

Keaton asserts the power of nature through a vision of a world in which competing forces come together despite their instincts.