Robinson & compagnie

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Highlights from Bordeaux

Robinson & compagnie
Dir. Jacques Colombat, France, 1991
73 min. Color. DCP. Restored.
Voices of Jacques François, Rolando Faria, Gérard Hernandez
In French with English subtitles
For ages 6+

Made with traditional 2D techniques such as lush painted backgrounds and celluloid characters, Jacques Colombat’s film offers a poetic, whimsical, and original take on Daniel Defoe’s classic story, Robinson Crusoe.

To fulfill his dreams of traveling around the world Robinson joins the crew of a majestic ship departing from London. When a storm causes his boat to capsize, Robinson finds himself the sole survivor on a deserted island with only a tight-lipped dodo bird at his side. As Robinson settles into his new surroundings, he comes across a motley crew of pirates, a tribe of cannibals, and other odd characters, including his eventual companion, Friday.

This great classic film is distributed by Capricci, a Bordeaux-based distribution company.

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