Mastering Special Effects: Motion Capture and Virtual Reconstruction

Sunday, January 27, 2019
Ages 13+
FIAF Skyroom

Highlights from Bordeaux

Emmanuel Linot, CEO of France-based virtual production studio SolidAnim, will discuss techniques that his company used to create visually stunning effects in their work on White Fang and other projects. Linot will be joined by Jean-François Szlapka, Research and Development Motion Capture Director at SolidAnim.

White Fang, based on the novel by Jack London, is an elegantly-animated adaptation that follows a young wolf-dog pup through a series of encounters in the Yukon Territory during the 1890s gold rush. SolidAnim used motion capture to accurately depict the movements of men and dogs in White Fang. The film will be screened during Animation First 2019.

Emmanuel Linot has worked for some of the biggest French and Hollywood studios on famous films like Ghostbusters 3, Rogue One, and more. His virtual reconstructions have transported audiences to meticulously detailed historical settings such as the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889. Based in Bordeaux and Angouleme, SolidAnim specializes in 3D animation, motion capture, and virtual reality. In 2014, they opened a facility for virtual production Los Angeles.

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