Screening + Q&A
Azur & Asmar:
The Princes’ Quest

Post-screening Q&A with director Michel Ocelot

Friday, January 25, 2019
Grades 3-8 • In French & Arabic with English subtitles • 99 mins
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Part of Animation First 2019

Directed by Michel Ocelot, 2006. 99 min.
Voices by Cyril Mourali, Karim M’Riba, Hiam Abbass, Sofia Boutella, and Patrick Timsit, among others.
In French & Arabic with English subtitles

Once upon a time there were two children nursed by the same woman: Azur, the blond blue-eyed son of a nobleman, and Asmar, the dark skinned child of the nurse. One day, Azur’s father cruelly separates them. Some years later, Azur sets out to a land far away to find the nurse and Asmar. Reunited, the young men compete against each other while on a quest to rescue a fairy.

Gorgeous and mesmerizing, this critically acclaimed film by French animation legend Michel Ocelot eschews computer-generated imagery. It render a storybook-style animation that never stops delighting with its ornamental detail, range of color and exotic story. Engaging and beautiful, Azur & Asmar is a persuasive and elegant tale with a strong message about tolerance, respect for women and the need for compassion.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Michel Ocelot.

Note: Students not fluent in French will need to be able to read subtitles